No-Haggle Pricing

The price you see is the price you pay. There’s no need for the stressful back and forth. We provide you the best market price up front so that you can be in control and find the perfect car for you.


Certified Quality

Every car you see is carefully handpicked after a stringent 203-point technical evaluation. We are more than happy to share vehicle inspection reports and service history as we don’t sell any cars with the history of major accident/ mechanical repairs or cars that have been in floods.


Refurbished like brand-new

All our cars are fully refurbished at our state-of-the-art refurbishment centre. We refurbish cars using original spare parts, top-quality painting and the best-in-class detailing process.


3 days Product return policy

We are confident in our products and we do all the due-diligence on your behalf. However, we offer a 3 day money back promise on each sale to reassure you of your right buying decision.


6 Months Warranty

We offer a standard warranty for engine, gear box & driveline to ensure that any unforeseen mechanical faults do not affect your ownership experience. Our warranty is applicable for 6 months or 3000 kms from the date of purchase.


Pan India road-side assistance

You will not get stranded anywhere anytime. All our cars come with a Pan-India 24*7 Road side Assistance.


Easy loan options

Luxe cars offers easy and simplified loan options from a list of major banks & NBFC’s. We have tailor-made loan schemes with the best market rates.


Exchange with any car

Yes, you can exchange any car in any condition to buy luxury cars from us. We offer the best market price, guaranteed ownership transfer and a complete hassle-free transaction.


What do you mean by scientific evaluation

At Luxe Cars, every car goes through a stringent 203–point inspection stipulated to ensure quality of the car in every aspect. Our trained valuation engineers figure out any defect on the car by going through this stringent, scientific evaluation process, covering its Exterior, Interior, Function and Drive performance. The evaluator will go through and verify all the relevant documents of the car for ascertaining its genuineness. Equal importance is given on its service and accident history as major accidents or skipping regular preventive maintenance are the worst things that affect the usability and reliability of a car.

What do you do during refurbishment of Used cars?

After ascertaining its eligibility as a retail category car through a comprehensive sorting process, we subject the retail category car for a thorough refurbishment. The car that doesn’t fit in the retail category, will be disposed-off through our wholesale channel. All our retail cars are fully refurbished in our Multi-brand service facility so as to achieve high standards of Quality, Durability and Reliability. In refurbishment, each and every car goes through a welldefined process that incudes body and paint repairs, mechanical up-keep, electrical check, interior cleaning and detailing etc. that takes care of both performance and aesthetics of the
We have our regular channels to supply genuine spare parts, so as to ensure smooth and timely refurbishment of any brand car.

What does your certification imply?

All our retail cars are Certified for its present quality, previous service maintenance accident history and also the owner credentials. Our valuation process helps us to eliminate accident, flooded, and meter tampered cars from being entered into our retail category cars. We invariably check the owner credentials of every car we buy to eliminate the possibility of any stolen cars.

What is Automatch Warranty on Used cars?

To ensure a bump-free ride, every used car from our outlets comes with a customized Service Warranty that covers any major failures like engine, gear box and drive lines. When normally used car market offers warranty only for cars within a specific age group, our service warranty program covers all the retail cars from our outlets from 30 days to 2 years depending upon the eligibility factors.

What is Automatch Money- Back Guarantee?

By any chance if the customer is not happy about the performance of the car he bought from us, he has the option of returning the car and take back his money as per policy. The philosophy of Money
back policy originates from our confidence on the cars we retail.
The money-back guarantee is for a period of 3 days or 300 kms from the delivery of the car, whichever comes earlier, within which if the customer finds any problem with the car, (wrong accident history, wrong service history, mechanical failures, wrong number of owners, kilometers driven altered etc.), he can return the car, and take back the money he paid towards purchase of the
car. If the car is under hypothecation, then the bank/finance company charges towards pre-closure
of the loan will be at the discretion of the bank/finance company, where Automatch does not have any control.

Money Back guarantee is applicable for all cars we retail.

Why do you say Automatch is more Reliable and Transparent in the Used car market?

When you buy a brand new car, most of the factors are certain, be it quality, price, service and
warranty or documents related to the car. But while buying a used car, most of the factors are vulnerable, variable and uncertain. So it is paramount important that you buy a used car from the right source, which is reliable and transparent. At Nandi Toyota, you will be transparently shared all the relevant information about the car, and our sales consultants will enable you to take an informed decision, when it comes to buying the used car from us.

When and where can I test drive my Car? Will you send my choice of car to my home for a test

When you want to have a family test drive of the car you selected at the convenience of your
home, the car will be sent to you through our dedicated sales consultant. He will support you in understanding the car and its documents, the process of purchase and other formalities in detail. Upon purchase of the car, if you want the car to be home-deliivered, we are more than happy to be part of your joyous day with your family by delivering the car at your home! 

Can I avail Car Loans from you? Do you have car finance facility?

We are partnered with all prominent finance companies in the market whereby we will be able to offer car loans fast & at super-competitive rates. When you want to avail a car loan for buying your car, we can extend immediate support by getting the best interest rates, tailormade EMI’s and quick approvals. Ideally if all supporting documents are submitted, the car loan approval can happen in less than 24 hours, and you can take delivery of your car within one day! 

Can you provide periodic service maintenance support for the car I buy from you?

Irrespective of the car you buy from us, our fully equipped, multi-brand car service center can extend any kind of service support that you may require for your car in the future. Our stateof-the-art Multi-Brand Car Service Center, situated next to Nandi Toyota, Hosur Main road can cater to any of the service requirements, be it mechanical, body repairs, towing services and insurance claims, car detailing services or the Periodic Preventive Maintenance Services.
You may reach out to our 24/7 number 91 6360124046 for the same.

Why Luxe Cars?


Great selection of Luxury Pre-owned cars

Luxe Cars offers you a great assortment of reliable pre-owned cars from all the leading Luxury brands in India. Even if you can’t find your preferred car in our inventory, our sales team can find one from our wide business network and cater your requirement.


Quality Assurance

At Luxe cars, we hand-pick cars through rigorous levels of quality checks done by our trained experts. In addition to the physical inspection of the car, we verify the original documents, scrutinize the service history, verification of RTO records and traffic violation penalties.


Easy Loan Options

Luxe cars offers you tailor-made finance options with the market best interest rates from all major banks and NBFC’s. Our team assists you with an easy documentation process and the loan approval in 24 hrs.


Warranty & Pan-India Roadside Assistance

At Luxe cars, we are so confident in our vehicles. All the cars we sell will have a limited warranty coverage which addresses the quality apprehensions of our buyers. We also offer you a 1 year free road-side assistance which covers Pan-India.


Sell your Luxury car hassle-free

Luxe cars offers you the industry best scientific used car evaluation experience which fetch you the best price for your car in the market. Our trained experts will do the inspection at your doors-steps at no cost and the quality report will be explained to you. All the due diligence checks are performed by our operation team, and the payment will be credited in your accounts as fast as in 1 hour. When you sell your car to Luxe cars, be certain that ownership change will be done in due time.


Customer Support

At Luxe cars, our relationship with customers starts when we sell a car. We have a dedicated customer support center which goes an extra mile to remind you of your periodical maintenance schedule, extended warranty renewal, renewal of insurance policy etc.

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