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    How much time will you take to complete the purchase transaction?

    At Luxe Cars, once you intend to sell your car, the sale will not take longer than 30 minutes provided the owner walks into our store with the car and all the original documents. The evaluation of the car does not take more than 20 minutes and we complete the price discussion and transaction in 10 minutes once bank details are shared. It’s secure and hassle free.

    How do I know you will give a fair price for my car?

    Luxe Cars assures a fair price for your car based on the current market price of the car after a scientific evaluation.

    I am afraid of selling my car to a stranger! How do I know who is the buyer of my car?

    When you sell to Luxe Cars, you sell the car to us directly, though there is no immediate ownership transfer. We buy the car, and the payment to your account comes directly from our company account. We are responsible for the cars you sell to us, till such time the car is retailed to an end buyer, to whose name the ownership will be transferred.

    What is my assurance that I will not have any future hassle by selling the car to you without
    immediate ownership transfer?

    Our process is straightforward and simple. We buy the car and make the payment directly to the owner’s account. Unlike in the case of selling a car to the open market, where the car will change hands many time before it reach the end user, the car you sell to us will be refurbished in our own multi-brand car service center to regain our retail standards, and sell to direct individual buyers with ownership transfer. So when you sell your car to Luxe Cars, you are ensuring complete peace of mind.

    Can I sell my car from my home?

    To provide convenience to our customers while selling their cars, we do valuate the car at the leisure of their home. We assign valuation experts to visit your home and complete the evaluation and price discussion at your doorstep within the shortest span of time. The whole car sales transaction can be completed and the payment received at the comfort of your home within few hours.

    I have existing loan on my Car. Will you buy a car under hypothecation?

    Don’t worry! We do buy cars with an existing car loan. Once we agree on the price and other factors towards closing the transaction, we will make necessary arrangements to close the loan with the bank concerned, and make balance payment to your account and complete the transaction without any hassles. The only support we need from your side is in terms of getting a pre-closure statement from the concerned bank/finance company


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